Delivering Design Solutions: Smarter. Better. Faster.

ArkExpress is a Sydney based architectural practice renowned for creative and efficient design solutions in commercial and residential architecture. We approach all projects with passion and dedication to the highest quality of design and service in a timely manner.

With experiences spanning between residential and commercial projects, ArkExpress has been involved in a broad range of projects from residential homes to dual occupancy homes, townhouses, boarding houses, aged care facilities, apartment developments as well as commercial fitouts, commercial building refurbishments and new commercial buildings.

We are incredibly proud of our diverse portfolio all over Australia and our outstanding track record for receiving planning approvals. Since our founding in 2016, we have received over 300 planning approvals.

Our success is a reflection of our ability to carefully listen to our client’s brief, assess their needs, fulfil their vision and exceed their expectation.

Residential Design

At ArkExpress, we believe in the integrity and longevity of good design, knowing that it’s the little details that bring happiness into your life. We design houses to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget with the aim to improve daily life with functional style.

Healthcare Design

Healthcare projects are some of the most complex buildings to design, demanding specialised knowledge and skills, and strong technical capability. These projects regularly involve research into local codes and policies to ensure the design complies with specific requirements for healthcare facilities. As specialists in healthcare design, we have a broad experience in overcoming the many complex demands of delivering healthcare facilities.

Childcare Design

As the demand for early learning and childcare centres increases, operators are looking to architects to create a point of difference while overcoming design constraints. At ArkExpress, we enjoy an excellent reputation for our childcare designs. You’ll find they’re thoughtful and considered because when your end user is a demanding 3-year-old, you’ve got to get it right.

Industrial Design

ArkExpress takes a systematic approach to the architectural design of your industrial building, whether it’s a factory, warehouse, manufacturing or distribution centre or large industrial business complex. We start by listening to you to understand the needs for your building. We know the right questions to discuss that are vital to the functionality and productivity of your industrial process and consequently, will design an efficient and functional building that will accommodate those necessities. We understand that this will require full awareness of local building codes, safety regulations and construction costs.

Boarding House Design

Despite the need in many areas for more affordable and flexible rental accommodation, boarding house developments are often contentious and planning approval can be difficult to obtain. This is in part due to the stigma attached to the old-style boarding houses giving rise to strong opposition from neighbours. At ArkExpress, we understand that it is important for these developments to be skilfully designed to minimise impacts on neighbours and to fit in with the local area. The team at ArkExpress have worked on a number of new generation boarding houses across a range of budgets and are very familiar with the most significant issues that determine DA outcomes and how to avoid common pitfalls in site selection, design and the DA process.