Meet The Team

Our team is led by director and principal architect, Hy Chheng. With a practice of our size, clients can be assured that Hy is intimately involved in each project. We work in an open-plan studio environment in collaborative teams to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of projects across all scales.

Our policy is to recruit awesome individuals with best-of-breed skills with a shared passion for working collaboratively to achieve the best possible collective outcome for our clients. It’s the ArkExpress way to take the complex process of design seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, so you’ll find everyone is easy to get along with.

A positive attitude is a must to help everything run smoothly, but most of all, our people look at things from the client’s point of view as well as from the creative side. We’ve been told that this makes all the difference.

Its no secret that happy staff produce better work. Here at ArkExpress, we’re conscious of this and over the years have cultivated a team spirit to be proud of. This positive and healthy culture comes through in our attitude, productivity and end results.