Luxury ‘Breezeway’ Apartment – Liverpool, NSW

This boutique multi-residential apartment building is in a great location in Liverpool. The project consist of 26 luxury residential units over 7 storeys with the penthouses occupying the two upper levels. The external design features mostly a white and dark grey colour scheme of render to enable the building form to clearly express itself in natural light. While the feature timber cladding provide great texture, contrast and visual interest, the graceful curves softens the exterior and allows the form to be gently exposed.

Internal planning was a key priority and has been thoughtfully designed to maximise the comfort and well-being of the residents with a considered approach towards sustainability. This has been achieved by the careful consideration of the apartment layout and employing passive solar design principles to maximise daylight and solar access and natural ventilation. The elongated floor plates for the majority of the apartments encourages cross-ventilation while the rooftop garden terrace and generous private balconies to all the apartments provide direct access to the outdoor spaces and their associated benefits. But what really stands out and makes the building a healthy, sustainable living space is the open ‘breezeways’ to all the common corridors and circulation paths. The breezeways not only maximises the internal floor space in the apartments but enables operable windows and thus increases natural ventilation and natural light into the units. This reduces the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting and drastically reduce costly mechanical services for the safety of the building.

We have no doubt that the quality of the design is set to achieve a point of difference considering the magnitude of new apartments in the area. Currently awaiting DA approval.